Supporting smart diversification of the Silesian industrial base

The challenge

Silesia is the largest remaining hard coal mining region in the EU, with well-developed competencies in emission-intensive industrial activities. In order to catch up with the most developed European regions, it has to find viable options to shift emission-intensive parts of its industrial base towards new, sustainable markets.

What we want to achieve

There is already a lot of expertise in the region when it comes to assessing its strengths and weaknesses in line with smart specialisation approach. The question which has not yet been addressed in a systemic way regards how the existing regional capabilities in high-emission activities may be leveraged to diversify the industrial base allowing Silesia to exploit the low-emission market opportunities. To address this knowledge gap, we aim to develop a decision-supporting tool for regional development policy which will combine existing evidence base with data analysis methods that were established to identify opportunities for moving from current to new areas of regional specialisation.


WiseEuropa, Climate Strategies