Project Region:

Podravska, Slovenia


The Challenge

Podravska Region has been largely industry oriented in the past boasting a famous automotive industry, metal industry (steel, aluminum) as well as food processing industry. The region is facing above-average unemployment, consequently high level of daily migration to Austria, but also low levels of innovation, modest levels of cooperation, social dependence on traditional industries and lack of alternative solutions. 
Slovenian Smart Specialization recognized sustainability as one of the most important priorities, but funding industry focused Projects is going at a slower pace than expected. As an alternative solution we see the need to support the local business environment supporting low carbon innovation. Change of thinking, policy support, guidance on action plan development as well as best practice sharing and learning from across Europe can accelerate the transition of Podravska region.

We want to achieve…

1.) …a better understanding of mechanisms and drivers in the field of re-industrialisation by deveoping a systems change process map
2.) …the establishment of a regional network using an inclusive co-creation (living lab) approach as a solid basis for low-carbon innovation
3.) …the preparation of three low carbon initiatives to accelerate regional transition
4.) …an international learning exchange and partnership process for future collaboration with Germany, Poland and Italy 

How do we want to achieve this?

The project searches for a path to support low-carbon industry and eco innovation in the policies and measures of future regional planning. As a first step regional knowledge will be strengthend with a stakeholder analysis, economic analysis, climate impact overview and best practices. Secondly, the regional co-creation living lab will be established in order to include different stakeholder groups in finding re-industrialized initiatives, models for transformation and action plans for supporting low carbon industries in the period of 2021-2027. Lastly the international cooperation will be established with the study visits to selected Climate-KIC regions with low-carbon innovation projects at a more advanced stage. 

Our vision for Podravska Region

The project aims to change the mindest of industry from seeing environment as a burden to perceiving environment and eco-innovation as an opportunity. Slovenia with its well-preserved nature and positive attitude of general population towards clean environment could become a transition best practice example in the future.

Partners: E-zavod