Research Tour for Journalists on Industry Transformation

Düsseldorf, Germany
16 Sep 2019

Our Project Partner Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy and cleanenergywire are organising a research tour for journalists looking into the decarbonisation pathways of Europe’s top-emitting industries.  Application deadline is July 26.

As Europe is gradually phasing out its fleet of coal-fired power plants and electric mobility is becoming increasingly attractive, industrial emissions are emerging as an urgent challenge on the road to a fully decarbonised economy.

The research tour for journalists will provide insights into the state of play of decarbonisation efforts in Germany’s cement, steel and chemical industries. In meetings with leading experts, policymakers, industry and trade union representatives, and during visits to industrial facilities and innovation projects we will:

  • examine how various technologies can contribute to extensive reductions in industrial greenhouse gas emissions
  • ask which market conditions and political tools will be required to develop the technologies and business models needed in the long term to ensure the transition to climate neutrality in today’s most emission-intensive industries

Interested? Further Information can be found here.