Industrial Transformation 2050: Infrastructure needs for Net Zero heavy industry in the EU

Brussels, Belgium
13 Jun 2019

EIT Climate-KIC, Wuppertal Institute and the European Climate Foundation cordially invite you to the expert workshop on “Industrial Transformation 2050: Infrastructure needs for Net Zero heavy industry in the EU“ on 13 June in Brussels between 11:00-17:00. This will be the opportunity to introduce the new research project “Infrastructrure Needs of an EU industrial transformation towards deep decarbonisation”* to industry and policy stakeholders. Furthermore we would like to exchange ideas on important questions of content, methodology and strategy that are connected with and have to be taken into account in the transformation of industry and infrastructure in the EU. 

Have you ever asked yourselves one of the following Questions?

  • Where and under which pathway conditions will demands for climate neutral energy in the EU emerge?
  • Where and what kind of infrastructures will be required in order to get the industry pathways realised?
  • What are the implications of both findings for today’s decision and policy making?

This workshop seeks to

  • provide preliminary results for the different regional developments of three relevant Industry branches (plastics, steel, cement) within the EU, in order to gain a better understanding of the possible decarbonisation strategies and potentials, their regional distribution and potential impacts, as well as to validate and/or enhance the results
  • identify potential sweet spots for Renewable Electricity Generation and CCS/CCU
  • present first initial hypotheses of infrastructure Needs (which and how?) and
  • give an overview over further work, timeline and Workshops planned

Interested in participating? Please find additional information attached and register for this Event.