Toolkit for industrial diversification

Brussels, Belgium
17 Dec 2018

Please join our Luncheon for the Brussels-based regional offices and innovation community!

Monday, 17th December 2018, 11:30-13:30
EIT Climate-KIC, Rue Guimard 7, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

European regions are either in the process of or about to embark on energy and/or industrial transformations of their economies. This is in part due to the global climate commitments agreed under the UNFCCC Paris Agreement treaty, but also because of a variety of EU internal policies and obligations that have been set.
Just Transition has also been one of the key focus areas at the COP24 in Katowice, Poland and has been discussed extensively in the regional, national and global contexts. As well as this, the European Commission’s Coal and Carbon-Intensive Regions in Transition Platform has just celebrated its first anniversary and is now moving into a more implementation-oriented phase.
Climate-KIC, together with partners, has just launched its Re-Industrialise Flagship, where one of its workstreams (more commonly referred to as ‘Pathfinders’) is dedicated to developing tools to guide industrial diversification.
This event will present a new concept of applying complex economic toolkits (such as product space and proximity between sectoral activities) to regional decarbonisation challenges, in order to support smart diversification and the reindustrialisation of carbon-intensive regions within Europe.
A presentations of the concept, with examples of its application, will be followed by an in-depth discussion on its potential implementation, in support of EU regional development policies.

Presenters will include:
Cristian Matti, EIT Climate-KIC: on innovation & transformation
Adrian Lauer, Climate Strategies: on COP24 and Just Transition agenda
Aleksander Śniegocki: WiseEuropa: on the product space tool