A green heavy industry is possible in Europe. But what are the needs for infrastructure?

This is the key question that the Infra Needs project is working on. First results of their study have been presented in a workshop in Brussels on June, 13, 2019.

The good news came first: although decarbonisation requires huge amounts of green energy, this demand can be covered. However this does not come without costs: infrastructure needs to be re-designed and newly built to ensure a constant flow of energy. What this means precisely will be evaluated and showcased for 4 regions across Europe, namely: 1) the A-R-A region (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) including its “Hinterland” up to Duisburg, 2) Silesia, 3) the Rhone Delta, 4) English Midlands. The locational effects of decarbonisation of the heavy industry in those regions will be calculated and thereby not only giving guidance to existing enterprises – but also for new companies, which are looking for new sites.

The project supports to identify the practical consequences of a deep decarbonisation of the heavy industry – a topic which has largely been left out in the discourse so far. Results will also feed into the Re-Industrialise programme – as the industrial and energy transition will also effect the regional transition. Focus should thus be to ensure that those transitions co-evolve – regional prosperity can be fostered and a simple migration of heavy industry to different places be avoided.

More Information on the Project can be found here.

Additional Information on  the Outcomes of the Event can be accessed here.