Day 3: New ideas develop into shared, more valuable ideas



On the third day, we want to develop as many ideas as possible. With the help of different methods, the existing knowledge will be used to develop new concepts. In a creative approach, the team will agree on the best ideas and develop a joined solution. The main goal is to develop a storyboard and to decide on the final idea. The main objective on this day is to identify a central approach, which will be maintained throughout the sprint to ensure the highest possible coverage. In the end, we will have a description of the central functions, the new process, the data models and a focus on technologies.


635 Method

We generate ideas and cluster them afterwards. Going for quantity.

  • Step 1: Six participants write – within five minutes – three ideas on separate flashcards in complete and concise sentences. Encourage wild ideas.

  • Step 2: After five minutes the worksheets are passed on to the next person, upon which each participant writes down another 3 ideas. The ideas have to add on to the previous ideas or suggest improvements.

  • Step 3: The process continues until your first card has reached you again, resulting in 108 ideas.

You can, of course, adapt the method if the number of participants does not fit groups of six.


The H2pro3 sprint

We asked ourselves which functions should be implemented into the platform. We gather a total of 2×108 possible functions. We clustered these 216 functions into the topics best practices, newsletter, media, events, studies, database, search function, company profiles, project development, product profiles and community.

Walt Disney Method

We look at the ideas from different perspectives. The team is divided into groups of 3. Each team forms a circle and the roles of the dreamer, the realist and the critic are assigned to each chair.

  • Step 1: The groups take a seat and begin to discuss.
    Within each group, one participant takes on the role of the dreamer.
    The dreamer dreams the wildest dreams. It does not matter if the ideas are realistic or not. The question the dreamer asks himself is: “What do we want?”.

    Within each group, one participant takes on the role of the realist.
    The realist pretends the idea of the dreamer is possible and starts planning. The question he asks himself is: “How can we apply this idea in reality?”

    Within each group, one participant takes on the role of the critic. The critic analyses the action plan and points out possible obstacles. The goal is to find possible flaws.

  • Step 2: After each round the groups write down their results and rotate.
  • Step 3: Each group present their most important findings.

Decision Making

We opt for a central idea. A great tool for decision making is dcsion.


15:00 –15:30 Welcoming and reception

15:30 –16:00 Recap of the second day

16:00 –16:45 635 Method

16:45 –17:15 break

17:15 –18:00 Walt Disney Method

18:00 –18:30 Decision making

18:30 –19:00 Closing 


For the success of the design sprint it is important that everybody from the team is present on the third day. This ensures that the team is on the same page while at the same time different points of view are represented.

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